How to spot and avoid online scams

Fraud has been a thing for as long as there has been money. There will always be someone out there who does not want to do work for themselves but would rather con someone else out of what they have. This is a very sad thing that this goes on, but it is something you will always have to look out for. When it comes to the internet there are served ways you can get scammed. You can receive emails claiming you have won a cruise and they just need you credit card # but you will not be charged (ya right!). Or you could receive an email claiming you have won a foreign lottery but you have to pay for taxes on it. All of these are clearly scams but can sometime look very real and can deceive people.

This is an extremely large problem in our country today, and it even requires constant monitoring in order to try to stop these scams. The FBI has a long list of how to avoid these scams, which can be a very helpful check list when dealing with people or companies that you do not know on the internet.

Today the most common scam is the Nigerian Prince, and if you ever get an email like this you should immediately delete it and do not do anything that it asks, because IT IS A SCAM! This would be one of the easiest scams to notice if you stop and think about it a little bit. This is because all this scam does is ask for money with a promise of paying you back with exponential growth when you get paid back. When you think about this it doesn’t make any sense why would a rich person need to barrow a few thousand dollars of off any random person and pay them back later, it just doesn’t add up.


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