Victims of a Scam

Con artists can use the internet in attempts to scam anybody, but to fall for one of these scams you have to see them as truthful and as a promising investment. Most people do not get conned by scam artists on the internet because they watch out for emails from people they do not know, and that most people refuse to give any personal information over the internet because you never really know who is on the other side. Not all people are this cautious about things like this, and some people truthfully believe that these fake offers online are legit and will pay out for them. Not all of these scams take place online though, some of them are the same scam but take place over a phone call.

Sadly a lot of these online scams are targeted at elderly people. They are targeted because older people tend to try to see the good in people and are overly trusting of friendly strangers. This characteristic can be particularly dangerous, because people are very willing to take advantage of others. Many elderly people have been taken advantage of just like Wendy’s mom from CA who was taken advantage of on several accounts. The daughter says that the worst con that was ever played on her mother was a a fake charitable organization who asked for her bank accounts and then began regularly charging her account electronically. It was not for quite some time  that anybody noticed this and that was just on account of her mother complaining about random charges on her account. The mother and daughter were never really able to get out of these charges because the bank was not very co-operative, because the two women waited so long to report the con and the bank said it had to have been reported within 90 days of the charges. It is horrible that people take advantage of the elderly like this, and goes to show that if you have elderly relatives you need to look out for them and help them monitor offerers that could turn out to be scams.

Thankfully most people that understand the internet at all are very cautious about fraudulent scams. Although not all of them come directly from the internet they will eventually use the internet to steal your money. Con artists do this by calling someone on the phone and saying anything from they have won a vacation and need to give them personal information to secure your spot on the vacation, or even that you are due for a refund from the IRS and they just need your account numbers so they can refund you. After getting this information they immediately start electronically charging you. Luckily most people like Susan from TX know to look out for scams like this and when she was called she would not reveal any personal information or her bank accounts. After getting off the phone with these con men she called the number they gave her to verify it was a scam and what a shocker when the number was fake so she could not get ahold of them again. This is not surprising because all of these cons try to put distance between the connie and the conner so that they can not get caught.

This just goes to show that no matter how old you are people will attempt to con you out of your money, and you just always need to be on the lookout for a con when dealing with random offers from people that you do not know.




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