10 Good Blogs

The first blog has to deal with how to avoid online scams. Avoiding Scams this blog makes post sharing with its followers specific scams that they should be cautious of and should be avoided.

The next blog has to do with people being scammed and then the people who scammed them getting caught and what happens to the person who scammed people.

This blog deals with what could be one of the most decitful forms of internet scams. dealing relationship scams when one person has the other fall in love then start asking for money and other things.

After that there is a blog that deals with Identity theft which warns people what they should look out for and even common myths that have to do with identity theft.

One of the most common internet scams is some version of the Nigerian Prince scam. This blog explains all the different versions of this con and how to deal with them when they appear in your email mailbox.

The next blog is another one dealing in relationship scams. It is somewhat of an outlet to help people get over being scammed by a supposed loved one. It is many peoples personal accounts of being conned by fake relationships online.

Then there is a scam awareness blog which just discusses different types of online scams and warns you to avoid them,it could talk about any scam from a phone scam to a Facebook con.

This blog deals with first hand experiences of scams and what people did to steer clear of them.

The following blog Scam victims unite is about advice for people after they have been scammed as well as tips on online scams in general.

Finally this blog deals with the youth and the internet and how it should be properly and safely used.


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