Online Love Scam

Possible one of most devastating scams that can take place online would be a dating scam. This is because these scams not only steel money from honest people but also breaks the heart of a person attempting to find love. These scams scams are truly awful because they are taking advantage of a person who is probably already doing something outside their comfort zone(online dating), and manipulating that person to think they are in love only so you can scam them out of their money.

There are countless stories online of people falling victum to these horrendous scams. One of the stories was of a woman (who’s name was changed) signed up for an online dating site to meet someone and fall in love. She ended up meeting someone and they became emailing friends and their relationship took off and fast to. It didn’t take long for him to fall “madly” in love with this woman and make her feel the same way about, but she truly felt that way about him. This went on for a few months of them sending emails back and forth saying how they love each other so much and wished they could be together, sadly he was overseas. After a getting comfortable the gentleman caller said he was in a bind and needed money to fix a business problem, and then he would be coming to the states to meet her. Tragically she fell for this and sent him 50,000$ just so she could meet him finally. This story is horrible and extremely sad that a person would manipulate someone else’s emotions just for money. broken_heart_by_fastreflex-1.jpg

This just goes to show how dangerous online dating can be when you have never met the person. The FBI gives a checklist of what you should look out for when you are online dating in order to avoid these online romantic scams. The three biggest tips the FBI has to give is to avoid people who ask you to leave the dating site and communicate through personal email, if the person online claims he/she is a US citizen who is traveling overseas, or if the person immediately confesses love for you.

Again this is a horrible situation for anybody to be in and hopefully one day this scam will die out. However with the world we live in now this is a very real and dangerous thing, and any person who uses the internet for dating purposes needs to watch out for these cons.


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