Adapting Scams

Some scams have been around for so long that there are countless versions of them out there in order to try to confuse its victims. The most common scam that is always changing is the Nigerian Prince scams. Finn Brunton from the Boston Globe says that the Nigerian Prince part is fairly new to this con, and this scam can actually date all the way back to 1898 after the French Revolution. Then it was not the Nigerian prince scheme though, way back then it was called the Spanish prisoner scam though. This was because the scam would be a long plea for help from a supposed prisoner who need help and would give you a cut of his riches if you could send money now to help him out of his situation. Today the con is still about the same but instead of talking to a prisoner, you are talking to a rich foreign person who needs some money now but will promise to make your investment worth while. For a con to be around for that long it really must be working for many con artists around the world, and to be around for such a rediculous time it would have had to of taken many different forms.

At the beginning of this scam it would have had to of taken place via mail, but today we have so many different mediums of conversing with people that it now hides in all of our devices including smartphone, emails, and phone call. You can even get it by text messages now.  It is the same as before a person wants your bank information so he can wire some money to you so he can get it into the US and in return he will give you a small fortune for this favor. If you fall for this and hand over any information sadly you will surely loose almost everything if not everything in your bank account.

This con can be extra tricky sometimes as well, and try to appeal to a persons emotions to make them feel bad for someone and want to help them out. Some even claiming to be a young girl who’s father was killed by a revolutionary group in her home country, but he left her a large fortune and she needs your help to get her and the money out of her country so she can be safe and start investing this money. All she needs is you bank information so she can wire you the fortune, and once she makes it to the states you and her will be business partners and become very rich together. This is a particularly tricky con because it makes you want to help this poor woman who has just been through something horrible, and it supposedly will pay out big for you in the end as well.

All three of these examples are essentially the exact same thing because all they are doing is going after your money, by offering that if you give them access to your money/send them money you will be payed back in full plus a small fortune. This just goes to show that scams are always changing to try to keep us on our toes and trick as many people as it can. So when offers like this come your way you just need to think to yourself this is to good to be true, because it is. If you ever receive an offer like this immediately close the email, throw away the main, or don’t respond to the text because it is a scam.


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