Health Scams

Health scams are truly horrific things these scams not only attack a person financially but also medically. Many people turn to the internet in attempts to buy their prescription drugs. this can help some people if they are lucky enough to find a trustworthy cite, but most people are not this lucky. What happens to most people when they are attempting to go this route is they either pay for the drugs that never show up, or they pay for drugs and upon arrival they realize the pills are not the right ones. Even worse say someone buys prescription pills online, and they arrive but are the wrong pills but the person doesn’t realize that. This could be one of the worst case scenarios, because now you have wasted your money, got the wrong pills, and if you don’t realize that and take them your health could be at serious risk.

If you are ever to attempt buying prescriptions over the internet you need to be very cautious, and be skeptical of every website that you visit because you never really know which ones are legit and which ones are frauds. There are a few things that you can do while looking at websites to see just how trustworthy they are. A few big things to look for are weather or not the company is in the U.S., and also if they give exact numbers of how many pills you are getting. You can also check on most trustworthy websites if the pill is allowed by the FDA.

Most of the time you are just going to want to receive you prescription drugs from you doctor whoever that may be. This is because your doctor will not give you fake medicine or the wrong medicine, but when you are dealing with over the internet presriptions you never really know what you are getting until it has arrived, and sometimes you still don’t know what you received.

Sadly you can be conned health wise more than just getting duped online. sometimes you can even be scammed while going to your own doctor. A terrible thing to think about such a trusted person betraying you like this. The way it is done is that the doctor will either require a lot of unnecessary tests ignored to bill you for more stuff, or he could even just bill your insurance for tests that were never done on you at all.

This could be one of the worst scams to be done to someone because like I said earlier this con does not just rob a person, but it puts their health at risk. Which is an awful thing to do just to swindle someone out of a bit of money.


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