Grand Parent Scam

Scams do not discriminate against anyone, especially against elderly people. Con artists try to take advantage of the trust that older people have. This can be done in several different ways the most common being a grand parent receiving a phone call or email claiming that the person on the other line is their grand child. The person then claims that they are either hurt in a foreign country, or just in trouble and need money but can’t turn to their parents for help. The con artist wants  to get the grand parent to act quickly and wire funds with attempts to get them not to contact anybody else in the family. This entire scam can be stopped with a simple phone call if your grandparents are skeptical enough of the request, but some panic and just want their beloved grandchild out of trouble. Some can recognize this for what it is a scam but not all people are so lucky. Sad_Grandparents_558X279.jpg

This scam has become even more deadly now a day with social medias giving a lot of personal information to anyone who can google their name. It does not take much to type in someones name on the internet and come up with a convincing story about why they need money. It is a shame this can be done so easily because if someone calls your grandparents and can blurt out a lot of real facts about you, they will probably believe that it is you calling for help not some scum bag. Luckily for the most part to wire funds you have to go to the bank, and most banks know of this scam and will alert you to it once you have made it to the bank.

Hopefully this scam will never happen to you or someone you love, because this is not a scam that you can really get your money back. When you wire someone money you might as well just be handing them a stack of cash, and its next to impossible to get anything back. There is almost nothing you can do in this case, because it is usually not enough money taken from you to meet the FBI’s standards to open a case. You do at least want to report it though because this scammer may be doing the same thing to a lot of people and the correct agencies can link several cases together and try to catch the culprit. The best thing to do to help avoid the scams is tell your grandparents about this scheme, and that if they ever receive a phone call like this don’t act immediately. Call your grandchild on his/her cell phone to talk to them, or call the grandchild’s parents to see if this could be true. With wishful think this could never happen to you, but you never know it could and it is always better to be prepared.


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