How do people feel about love scams?

If there is one thing that you can be sure of it is that a scam will get everyone fired up. Nobody likes to be deceived especially when it comes to love. This not only gets the person who has been lied to about love for nothing but money, but also gets their friends family just as angry. This is a fairly common occurrence, and just goes to show that when dealing with online dating you just need to be twice as cautious. Very often it is just one individual who goes by several different names and has all sorts of different stories that he/she will tell their victims. Many people discuss this at great lengths online in another blog called Faking It. These are all either victims of a con man online, or friends and family of someone who has been scammed and is just attempting to warn others before they fall for the same scam.

Many people on this blog have been targeted by the same individual. Specifically three people who go by Theresa, SadToSay, and Dazed and Confused all have been conned by what could be the same individual. They all three call him by a different name in their posts but say the premise of the scam is the exact same, and that he only has four photos to give out and prefers to talk back and forth through text messaging. He had asked all of them for different amounts of money but all were at least in the 20,000$ range, and he was even able to con SadToSay out of 115,000$. This must be a very convincing person to be able to scam so many people. It is sad that people have to look out for this while trying to find someone to spend the rest of their lives with but it is the sad truth and the world we live in today.

Almost all people really despise scams, most people will go out of their way in order to attempt to warn others from making a similar mistake. When people are getting scammed or get the felling the person whoever they may be online is trying to scam them they blow the whistle in efforts to stop this from ever happening again. People get online and post descriptions of what happened, and even put the names of the person who attempted to scam the. Thats not all some people do, some never get scammed but just hear of a local con artists and disagree with the practice so much that they do the same thing even though it has never effected them first had. These people should be applauded for their efforts to stop this type of deception from going on. Really though nobody likes a con artist and will always try to stop them if they are capable of doing so.


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