Blowing the Whistle

Nobody enjoys getting scammed and when people do they are very willing to voice their opinion of the matter. People whenever they get scammed feel very bad and then hope that this devastating thing never happens to anybody else. So in order to attempt to stop this from happening to other you can either report the person who scammed you to the FTC if they are in the states or report them to the IC3 if they are a foreign person. In any discussion that people are involved in online everyone is recommending to others who have been scammed to immediately report the person to the proper authorities. Some people though are reluctant because they still want to believe that they are not being scammed and whoever they are talking to truly does love them. This is very sad and often their friends will end up reporting the person for the good of their friend.

Most people do not have a problem with reporting these types of people or at least attempting to warn other. Many people will put the entire story out there online so that hopefully someone else notices it and won’t fall for the same scam. Many people will explain the entire story from start to finish within a blog or discussion somewhere. Like Karen for instance who was taken advantage of on Facebook. In her case she tried to ignore  this person for a while because she didn’t recognize the name but eventually gave in when he told her he knew one of her old friends, and told her a convincing story about how he knew her friend. They messaged for a while until he started talking about how he loved her very quickly, she was smart enough to realize this for what it was and she cut contact with him and called him out for what he was. Even though she was not actually scammed she felt the need to warn others about this person so he couldn’t get other. In her post she explains his name and where he is from (so he said) most likely that is not his real information but hopefully by her warning people he can not get anybody else.

It is fantastic that people feel this civil duty to their fellow people to try and help them to avoid being conned. Without people like this con artists would be free to keep scamming people forever, and they would ever be caught or found out. Hopefully anybody who gets scammed at least reports it to the proper authorities, but what can be even more helpful is to try and warn other people of these horrible things people are trying to pull over one another. So these people who warn others of the dangers that there is on the internet should be applauded for attempting to help others.


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