Personal stories

People get taken advantage of all the time while they are browsing the internet and chatting with people that they do not know, this is just the unfortunate truth of the way things are in this technological age that we live in. Luckily there are some people online who have your back and will try to warn you of dangers on the web so that you don’t get caught in its trap as well. Many people who have been caught in these traps before but looking back have realized that they just got scammed, and will explain their entire story in order to try to stop this from happening to others. Sadly you always have to watch out for con artists.


Jessica from VA is one of these good samaritans who is trying to look out for other people who could be taken advantage of. She is an elderly woman and they are often targeted by many types of cons thats goal is just to gain access to the person’s bank account and then slowly suck it dry. Luckily she did not fall victim to this scam because she knew what to look out for in a scam, but not all people are this cautious. Sadly many people trust phone call scams and online scams because whoever is on the other side of the line claims they work for the U.S. government, and in this case the social security office. Thankfully on the other hand people are cautious in giving out their bank account and all people should be.

Not all scams target the elderly though, an awful lot of scams try to take advantage of someone by going after their emotions and love. This is one of the worst because it is emotional harmful, and financially harmful. This one thankfully, people really try to alert other’s about what has happened to them and how to avoid this from ever happening to another person. There are even instances where people have been scammed while trying to use a legit dating cite. Even in this same instance the person who was scamming the poor person was actually an imposter of another individual who had no idea her name was being used in such a terrible way. The con artist was able to steel this poor girls photos from Facebook and pose as her on other medias in order to talk to people and take advantage of them. At least there are some good out there that are trying to warn unsuspecting people of these awful dangers.


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