Microsoft Scam

These scams have been around for more than seven years at this point. What happens is someone will contact you saying that there is some sort of issue going on with your computer, and that they can fix it as long as you give them access to your personal computer (this should throw up a huge red flag). The con artists will use a very convincing argument because he/she will claim that they work for Microsoft in the IT department, which most people will believe because they use Microsoft so why wouldn’t Microsoft try to help them if there is a problem. Once they gain access to your computer though they also gain access to your accounts that are saved on your computer or laptop, and this can be catastrophic because they can completely drain you bank accounts, steal your identity, or even start credit cards under your name with the personal info. they can gain with access to your computer. Another common tactic these criminals take is once they have access to your computer they will load it with viruses and malware which will completely ruin your computer, and force you either into getting a new one or to spend a lot of money to get your old one fixed.

Even after the Con artists has gained access to the computer the con isn’t over, because you can shut your computer off and then they do not have access. What the theirs do is try to walk you through what has happened and how they are going to fix it,just to really try and fool the person they are scamming. It is easy believe these types of people because they are very knowledgeable about what they are talking about, but what people need to realize is that Microsoft does not randomly call people to fix their computers. The individual who’s computer is messing up must get in contact with them for help not the other way around. So if you ever receive a call out of nowhere you can be certain that it is just someone attempting to scam you.

Microsoft has even put out several press releases in the U.S. and abroad warning people of this harmful con that has been played on so many individuals all around the world. This happened to many people but thankfully we have the internet and helpful people who try to warn everyone about this awful scam. It seems that almost everyone has caught up with the times and is aware never to give access to your computer to a stranger over the phone no matter who they claim to be, because chances are they are not that person at all. People talk regularly about this in this discussion board  often asking questions of what other people thing they should do, and the answer is always the same. Hang up the phone and contact Microsoft yourself, they will inform you that they never called you and not to talk to anybody who randomly calls you like this claiming to be a part of Microsoft. It is truly great that people try to look out for one another, because without that tis scam could just be run on everybody under the sun without anybody trying to stop it. Thankfully that is not the case and we do look out for one another, and hope the tricks played on us will be stopped and never played on anybody else again.




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