Tech Suport pop-up scam

The way that this scam works is that a pop-up appears and says, have you realized that your computer is not protected? You can get it protected now using this website. These websites scam you by making you call a phone number and pay a fee in order to get this to stop happening. There are other ways to get rid of them, but they are complicated and this article called it “playing whack a mole on the internet”. It is called this because if you ever click on one to get it to go away more will just pop-up in its place, and often the more you click to get them to go away the more they come back.

People truly hate these scams almost more than anything just because a lot of the time it will completely ruin your computer and make it almost inoperable because it is just always being bombarded with pop-ups and malware. This is sad because most people just suck it up instead of getting a new laptop and just have to be incredible patient whenever they are online, making browsing the internet or really doing anything online just super inconvenient. People even hate this thing from happening so much that they actually re-virus the people who are distributing these viruses to the general public. One individual Kyle Rassun spent five hours he says on the phone with one of these people trying to infect other people’s computer ruining the scammers computer just to give him or her a taste of their own medicine. It is good to know people like this are out there just to make the con mans life harder and maybe give them incentive to stop all together because it can go just as bad for them. Thankfully these people are on our side, and this shows these viruses aren’t to complicated but can be a serious pain.

Some people on the other hand are just as mad that people try to reverse hack the criminals, saying that not sort of malware scam is acceptable even when you are targeting someone who scams people. Griff is one of these people who says that anybody who does this to any other individual should be punished, and severally punished he says. Griff did not get much love for his opinion though, almost every other person in the discussion then got extremely frustrated with him and said that if they are willing to do it to others they should have the tables turned and it happen to them. This just shows that people have very firm opinions on the matter, and that some people even think that it is so wrong that it shouldn’t happen to anybody even if they are a con artist.




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