People who have been scammed

People think of scams quite often but not many people can ever put a face with someone who has been scammed. People usually think that people notice scams and do not fall for them for the most part, but scams can be a lot more deceptive than you think. They can even fool a very smart person just by seeming incredibly legit. Con artists do this by adding very fancy letter heads to things that they send to people, and also by using real logos in order to fool people. Sadly some people are so good at impersonating real companies that when you get something from them you think it is the actual company attempting to contact and help you.

This happens more often than people think, and occurred to a man named Leo who ended up getting scammed for his life savings. He had no distant relatives and was attempting to try and find one somewhere in Europe, during this process someone decided to pose as a lawyer and claim he had a relative who recently died and he was his closing living relative and heir to his fortune. Leo just being excited that he had finally found a relative believed this lawyer. He slowly started sending this lawyer money in order to pay “international fees”, but the fees just kept coming and coming. Eventually wised up and stopped sending money, but at that point it was to late and he had already sent $30,000. This is terrible when it happens but sadly it does more often than anybody likes to realize.

The worst part is that scams come in so many different forms and you can never really see them coming until it is to late. Like in Nicole’s situation, where a pop-up appeared on her laptop and said she had won an all expenses paid free trip to the Bahamas. She was just super excited about the opportunity to leave the states, because she is just a college student and never had. Sadly she called the phone number on the pop-up and agreed to the terms and conditions, and even gave up her credit card information. She really backed herself into a corner on this one, and the company kept telling here that there is no way at all to get out of the charges. She asked for a number to call back so she could keep trying to get out of the charges, but the number they gave her was fake. In this case she alerted her bank of what had happened to her, and luckily they were able to get her money back. Not in all cases can you get your money back after your card has been charged but Nichole got lucky in this case.

This just goes to show that scams are incredibly real and everyone need to be on the look out for them at all time while your are browsing the internet. This also shows that no matter what you are doing you need to be cautious as well because something as easy as trying to find your extended family can end up getting you scammed.


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