How much do people lose

Everyone has seen an attempt at scamming them, but most people do not fall for this because they  have been warned before about cons like this. Sadly not all people are so skeptical of online offers, some people see they as a great opportunity when they are really just a scam. With so many different types of scams out there it is hard to be weary of all of them, if you know to look out for one then maybe the next one will get you. da7b027a.jpeg

With all these different types of scams out there they must be doing a good bit of damage to peoples bank accounts. These scams not only get a good bit of money, but they actually pay out big. Adding up to around 82 billion dollars at the end of 2013, with 12.7 billionn of that coming from the U.S. alone. These numbers are ridiculous, and with the growth of the internet you can only assume that these numbers just keeping growing every year. It is terrible you would have to watch out for see things while navigating the internet, but that is the sad truth of the world in which we live in.

On a personal level; the scams usually do not add up t a ridiculous amount of money but once you add up all the individual cases the numbers can be astounding. Regular people are targeted all the time by these con artists and sadly sometimes they decide to strike at the right time. Like in Kannada’s case for instance, she had just lost her son and mother and was in an incredibly vulnerable state when someone hit her up for a dating scam. She had just been through so much and sadly fell for this scam as well until she eventually sent so much money through monogram her account was reflagged. She doesn’t state specifically how much money she sent but she has been the target of ten of these scams, so it has probably been an aweful lot. Kannada posted this story on a discussion board and many other people had similar stories and really let her know that they felt her pain and wished that travesties like this never had to occur. This isn’t the only way people scam someone else (when the are at a low point), but people often just get scammed by people and are sucked dry until they can no longer afford to give away any more money like He got me too (an account name in a discussion board).

These events are terrible and it just shows we as people need to stand together and look out for one another to make sure that nobody else gets scammed, because nobody can afford just to throw money away. Also nobody wants to deal with the emotional stress that these scams cause as well, that can be almost as damaging as the monetary loss that people suffer.


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