Victims of Nigerian Prince scam

This is one of the more common scams that you can find while trying to navigate the internet. How it works is a person from a foreign country will email you, saying that he or she is in trouble and needs your help. They can have endless excuses as to why they need you to send them money, but all of them are scams and they just want you money. They fool people by saying if you give me this much money, then wait a little bit your “investment” will be doubled at least and you will make a lot of money.

This happens to people quite frequently, and sadly there is not much that can be done about it because in most cases due to the fact that the con artist is in a foreign country and can not be tracked down easily. The worst case I have found is the case of John Rempel, who was conned out of $150,000! This man just thought he was getting an inheritance but just kept paying service charges and taxes at a ridiculous rate until it had him and his family sucked dry of all funds. This is awful that this happened and hopefully by him getting his story out there he will prevent it from happening to others.

Some people say on the other hand that these scams are just common sense and nobody should really fall for them. One man Jeffrey S. Mitchell says it’s easy to notice these things, it is like seeing a man on the street claiming to be the son of jesus. Chances are you will ignore him and not take his claims seriously. He says its as easy as noticing that to be fake as it is to notice a Nigerian scam to be fake. There are some poor people who do get fooled by these cons though, and it truly is sad but it must be a combination of desperation and gullibility that leeds people to get fooled by these outrageous claims that strangers overseas make. As foolish as some people believe it to be it is still devastating and hopefully it never happens to anybody again.


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