Blowing the whistle edition #2

In our last edition of this post, we discussed how people really feel about scams. How people truly despise all scams played on people, wether the victim fall for it because of legitimacy of the offer, gullibility, or just greed. No matter why someone falls for a scam everyone still feels the same, that the con artists is an awful person and deserves to be punished for deceiving so many people.

People can get scammed in so many ways, one of the most common I have found though is false love scams. This is also the scam most found online that will surely get people very fired up about. In most cases people get on discussion boards to ask for help or advise, most of the time people are just on the fence weather they should believe their so called “boyfriend” is who he says he is. Like Melanie who came into the discussion board called Faking It, she enters asking for help because she does not know if eh should trust her online boyfriend. Several people comment back saying how this is a terrible thing to happen but has happened to them as well. One person Netta328  comments and says the same thing happened to her and she didn’t know weather to believe him or not until he asked her to support him financially. She then says she understands how she feels, and should never do anything she doesn’t feel comfortable doing.

Sadly these types of things happen very frequently, but at least there are several places where people can turn for advise and to ask questions when they are caught in a dilemma and don’t know what to do. It is unfortunate that most people do not turn to a place like this until it is to late and have already been scammed, and just want to advise others. Hopefully by doing this though they have blown the whistle and it will lead to less people in the future being conned.


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