Dangers of the internet and lottery scams.

It is actually ver scary to think of all the dangers that are lurking around on the internet. This video explains the top ten ways that people are most often scammed while browsing around on the internet. This is not trying to scare you from using the internet all together, but instead is trying to warn and educate you about what is out there. I really hope that you learn something in this video and are able to safely use the internet afterwards.

I know that there have been many of offers like this in my mailbox, but thankfully I could recognize them for what they are. Hopefully you will be able to from here on out. One of the more dangerous ones, that I have personally seen is the lottery scam. Many people have fallen victim to this type of scam, and many more are being targeted right now. A lot of people see these as great opportunities to get some free and easy money, but that s what they want you to do. Is to get all excited and send money to pay for “taxes” without you thinking to into the situation. If you stop ad think about it you can notice it is a scam and much to good to be true, but not everyone is this skeptical.

On many discussion boards online all you can find is many people trying to ask one another if they are being scammed. Once you are on a place like this it is very easy to notice the offer coming at you is fake. The biggest give away is that several people have asked the exact same question. About receiving an email naming them the “Grand Slam winner”. There are at least eight people who have received the same letter and are wondering what to do. That many people cannot all be the “Grand Slam Winner” so chances are it is a scam. Many people like Billie and Stacy Hanson are trying to figure out if they are being scammed by this letter. I would say just seeing more than two people with the same offer should be enough to prove it to you. There are more comments on this wall than just people asking if they are being scammed. Some people hop on just to let others know how they feel about scamming innocent people like this. One woman Mary Noble even said “this is discusting bullcrap.people that do this type of shit ,should burn in hell…….getting people to believe this SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. You can tell just by that comment that nobody likes a con artist, and nobody thinks this type of this should happen to anybody.

This is a very serious offense as well in the eyes of the law. Nine people last April were sentenced to varying time in jail for being caught targeting elderly people across the country with lottery scams. The most severe sentence was 156 months in prison and the most lenient sentence was just 5 months in prison. After the article about these nine degenerates, many people comment with what they have to say about scammers. Not one nice thing is said in their direction. For the most part its is just people laughing and saying they got what they deserved. Like TnTicketlosers said “HAHAHA serves you right, low down dirty sob”. Later followed up by Jani Norman who doesn’t right any words but just posts a picture of an emoji that is hands clapping. This just shows no matter what you do if you are a scammer people do not agree with what you are doing, and they also wish that you get prosecuted for your crimes.


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