Inheritance scam

Inheritance scams can seem incredibly legit sometimes and people need to watch out for these scams all the time. Especially if you ever get an email from someone who claims to be a lawyer from a foreign country. Whoever it is claims that you have a distant relative who has tragically just passed away, but there is a plus side. Even though you have never met this person you are for some reason their sole heir and benefactor. This should raise several red flags because this just does’t happen in real life.

The worst case of this scam to be found online happened to a man who live in Spain. He was conned out of $700,000, this a ridiculous amount of money to hand over no matter what you are supposed to be receiving in the end. This scam went on for three years, so this con man had to be incredibly smooth talking and convincing. The victim said he started to realize that he was being scammed around when he had given away $300,000. He should have stopped then but kept being coerced and said they were sending messages entrapping him into the scam.

This happens to people all the time but can be avoided very easily. All you have to do is be very cautious whenever you receive emails from people that you do not know. Also whenever you get an offer from someone you don’t know claiming you have either won a contest, or have gotten inheritance from someone you have never met. All that must be done when you get these offers is to simply close the email and never respond to anything like it.


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