Weight Loss Scams

Not all scams fool people by claiming that they will gain a lot of money if they send some now. Some scams come at people’s urges to lose weight. The way this works is by a company claiming that they have found a new miracle drug and it will help you lose weight without changing your diet or workout routine. Most of these scams are either some sort of cream that you can rub on our legs, or a powder that you sprinkle into your food before you eat it. If you think about it you can tell that is to good to be true, but some people could get excited thinking about an easy way to get back in shape.


People have started to realize that these offers are much to good to be true. Most people online have seen these for what they are. One person Peter Eggert says “It is simple: Don’t eat shit food. Get off your ass & walk around for a bit.” People just need to stop and think about the logistics of these health offers. It does not make sense that some random product will just make you lose weight. That just does not happen, there has to be some effort and diet maintenance for you to lose weight. You cannot just eats some powder and not change anything about your life and expect to lose a bunch of weight. Some people have realized that these offers are fake, and bring a bit of humor into it. Like Willi Rovita who said “If any of these things worked, Oprah would be thin AND she would have told us about it!”.

There are many different ways that people can try and scam you with the promises of weight loss. It is not just creams, pills, and magic powders some of these offers are work out equipments that claim they will get results but really do not. Like the ab glider, it claimed that just by working out on it for three minutes a day. People claim that this machine can work but only if you stay on it much longer than the ad claims. The three minutes a day doesn’t do anything because it is not enough time and effort. This is the same type of scam as earlier, a product that claims it will help you lose weight with minimal effort. All of these types of health loss scams you can tell will not work if you just stop and think about it, but the sad part is people just blindly believe it will work. Then they end up sinking a ton of money into it hoping they will eventually lose weight.  People really just need to look up reviews online prior to buying these products. Almost all of them have terrible reviews online, and everyone just bashes the products saying it doesn’t work.


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