Spring Break Scams

Spring break is a huge time for college students. Everyone wants to go somewhere fun when they get a week off from school, but not everyone has the money to go somewhere amazing. To get around paying a lot of money people hop online and try and find a cheap solution. This can work for some people and they can get a great deal somewhere, but not everybody is lucky. Some people get scammed. It is terrible that people get over on others like this but where there are people looking for a good deal there will be people who are trying to take advantage of them.


There are some signs that people can look out for but sadly some people do not catch the signs, and get scammed. One of the biggest things on this list of things to watch out for while hunting for deals is to get everything in writing, along with a receipt. Another huge one is to avoid anything that has said that you won a trip. Most likely it is a contest you never entered and is just trying to steel from you. Probably the biggest and the first thing you should always do when trying to get a deal on anything especially with trips. Is that you need to look into the company that you are trying to buy this trip from. Hopefully if people are careful and look out for these types of things they can avoid ever getting taken advantage of in this manner.

Sadly this happens to people quite often, and can even seem incredibly legit when you buy it. Then down the road they try and hit you up with random extra fees like what happened to Guest Lomb 18. He thought his trip was all good until a few weeks before he left he was hit up for a chunk of money for gas on the plane. This is crazy that a company would try and do this and must be a scam. Everyone in the discussion board suggests that he should look into the company. Sadly he never gets back to the discussion on weather it was a scam or not I would asume it was though from the sound of the email he got directly before he was supposed to leave for his trip.  The people who comment show compassion but none can give a straight answer. One person does say however that when he was a student there was a fairly similar scam going around. Hopefully his trip was real but from the sounds of it he was taken advantage of. This is exactly why people need to blow the lid on scams like this. Everyone needs to be aware that this can happen and to be on the lookout for it.


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