The Your a Winner Scam

These types of scams are very prevalent and you could probably find one of these offers in the spam box of your email right now. These scams can be very tricky because everyone loves to win a prize or a contest, but when on the internet you need to be weary of sweepstakes and prizes. Especially when you get an offer out of no where, or if a random message says you are a winner even though you never entered any contest. People fall for these because Winning things feel good, and almost gives you a sort of high.

There are ways to make sure that contests are legit. You just have to be really cautious, and be very skeptical of offers online. There are many signs that people can find to know weather or not the contest is a scam or not. The biggest and most obvious ways to tell that these types of things are scams all have to do with you paying money to get the prize. If the contest says that you have won but requires payment first you can be sure it is a scam. Sweepstakes do not require payment and are free to enter, so if one asks for money do not send it. Another big warning sign is if the company try to say it is with the government it is most likely a scam. They tell you they are with the government so you will trust them. It is just a scam though the government wouldn’t be just giving away prizes for nothing.

People hate these types of scams, and they fool unsuspecting people all the time. Thankfully there are ways to notice if these offers are real and fake, and if it is a pop-up that is trying to do this there are ways of getting rid of them pretty easily. There are discussions of people asking how to get around it, and luckily people knew how to for the sake of the victims. I thought it would have been harder to get rid of these annoyances, but it is actually quite easy. All you have to do is clear your history, and your website data. Thankfully people look out for one another, and when people take advantage of others some people want to help and stop it from happening.


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