Victim Story

This is the horrible story of Ms. Brenda Park. She was a sixty year old woman living in the UK. She decided to try out a dating website and expected the site she was using to be safe. Sadly this was not the case and she was taken for 60,000 pounds. The man who scammed her she thought was a “kind and gentle man”, in reality he was nothing more than a con artist. The man who took advantage of her started to get money out of her by saying that while abroad his daughter was a victim of a hit and run. He said that he did not have the funds to afford the surgery that his daughter required, but never asked her for money directly. All he would say is that he had exhausted all of the money in his bank and could not get any more, he would just say he does not have any options.

Being a nice and caring person Brenda gave this person 9,600 pounds. So that he could help out her daughter. She did not want to give him money to begin with, but felt bad for the poor child and wanted to help her out. After she gave him that money he just kept explaining all the financial problems that he had saying he had nobody to turn to for help. She kept trying to help him as much as she could but was reluctant to send him money. After she tried to help through legit channels and that failed she ended up giving him the money that he asked for. This happened several times until one day he told her to meet him at an airport and they would drive to a bank together and he would pay her back. Of course when she went to the meeting point he was not there so she reported being scammed to the authorities.

She does not expect to get any of her money back because victims of this nature very rarely do. The only reason she is teller her story is in hopes that something like this never happens to anybody else again. That is typically all people who tell their story ever want. To try and warn everybody else that people of this nature exist, and are trying to take advantage of you and not to fall for it as so many people before have.

People need to be more weary of dating scams, and need to be aware that these are very real things. There are many websites that try and explain this and tell steps of how to tell when you are being scammed. Everybody before they get on and start using an online dating cite should look into at least one of these websites. Truthfully whenever someone is about to start dating online they should do a lot of research about how to spot a scam.


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