Impact of Fraud

Fraud impacts people in many different ways, the biggest being financially. But there is a long list of different ways that it impacts people. It can take a toll on people not only financially but emotionally. A study was done on the state of people after they have been victimized. According to the research people said “that they had felt panicked, angry, afraid, anxious, ashamed and blamed themselves after the fraud was committed.” Some people even thought after being scammed that they were no longer even able to take care of their day-to-day lives, that is one of the worst impacts a scam can have on people.

People even comment to the end of this article, and say that scammers do not care at all of the wellbeing of people. All that they want is to take someones money very fast and take as much as they can. Scammers have no sympathy for anyone. They only want one thing, and that is whatever you have. They do not care what that will do to you all they care about is what they can gain.

Fraud can do an awful lot of things to its victims. it can even do so much damage that it can lead people to do terrible things. One article even talks about how people have been so drastic as to kill themselves and their significant others. There is even another case when a husband takes his own life because he sees no other solution after being taken for everything he owns. This article also discusses another instance when a scam victim loses his mind and now suffers from dimes/Alzheimer’s as a result of being taken advantage of.

This just goes to show that scams affect people in many other ways than just financially. They can effect and in some cases ruin peoples entire lives. That is why it is such a huge deal that people need to be aware of this, and that it can happen to anybody at anytime while browsing around on the internet. So whenever you are on the internet you need to be cautious of what offers you look at, and even more cautious when you are giving out any information about yourself.


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