Chinese Fake Product Schemes

There are many types of scams in the world, but this one fools people all the time. What happens in this scam is that people try and find good deals online. They always find a bargain but that does not mean that it is going to show up to your house. You can pay for something, and it will just never show up. Sometimes you will indeed get the product that you order, but not all the time. Sadly after you send your money or make the charge on your card it is too late, and you will never get your money back. That can sometimes not be the end of it either, it is possible that they can keep charging your card now that they have your credit card information. These scams are risky, but can be avoided if you just order things from legit websites.

You can get almost anything that you want on the internet, but when you are buying anything on the internet you need to be skeptical of crazy offers. Not all of these offers are fake, but some of them are. There are certain types of products that people try to scam others with. The biggest products that fools people are counterfeit brand name things, new cheep technologies, and just hot products at that time for much cheaper than what it actually costs. One of the biggest tells that the company is probably a scam would be that they accept payment through Paypal. That is because once you send money like that you can never get it back, and there is no way to get a receipt.

In some cases like this one people get scammed out of a lot of money, but do get products. It is just not what they were supposed to receive. The stuff that they receive are similar products, but the products are just junk. Also the stuff will only ever show up if you are extremely persistent for trying to get your products. Sadly even when you are very persistent you still don’t get the right stuff you just get scammed. That is why you should just buy thing from real websites that you know ill actually send you the product, and the right product.

Although a lot of these types of offers are scams some of them will send you your products and it will be the right ones as well. One person who has lived in China for several years says you just have to look out for the right things and avoid them . That is offers that are to good to be true, and anything that will not send you tracking numbers, digital receipts, and has many reviews posted online of satisfied customers. If the company sends all of this then it is probably alright to order the product, but even then you need to be cautious and look into the company even more.


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