4 Scams you need to avoid

With so many different types of scams out there it is hard to even know what to believe and what not to. Thankfully if you ever feel like you might be getting scammed you can fact check things, and figure out what the deal is.

  1. The biggest scam that people need to be weary of is dating scams. These scams target people who are either trying to find love. These people are in a particularly vulnerable state, because they are now going online trying to date complete strangers that they meet over the internet. It is terrible that people need to be weary of dating schemes online but it is the sad truth, and you can never be to overthrusting of people you meet online.
  2. Another scam that people need to be cautious of is the Nigerian Prince scheme. What happens in this scam is someone claims that they are very wealthy person from a foreign country. They then explain how something terrible has occurred and they would love your help to get out of this bind. They claim that if you would send some money now your investment will be paid back several times over. This is clearly a con but sometimes people see this as a great opportunity and fall for this trap.
  3. Next we have the grandparent scam. The way this scam goes down is that someone calls an elderly person claiming to be their grandchild. Most grandparents jump at the chance to help their grandchildren, and that is why it works so often. They claim they are in a foreign country and need your help, and can’t go to their parents for help. The person says they need money wired and fast ignored to get out of this trouble that they are in. This scam can be avoided fairly easy as long as you settle down and try and fact check things. For instance you should contact the parents to make sure the child is in fact out of the country, and also you should call the contact info you have for your grandchild to double-check what is going on. This scam can be avoided all you have to do is not run directly to the bank to send money.
  4. Health scams are another common scam that you will encounter online as well. These scams can be deceptive, because they claim to either have a medicine with the cure to something or a pill that will make you lose weight. When you think about these types of offers are probably scams, but people get excited about an easy way to lose weight or cure an illness. You just have to be overly skeptical of offers like this.

All scams can be dangerous and need to be avoided at all costs. They are more prevalent than what you would think, and whenever you are browsing the internet you need to be very cautious. You can not just believe everything that you see, and you need be even more skeptical when strangers offer you a way to make a large amount of money by just wiring money.


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