Diet Scams

Everybody tries to diet at some point in their lives. Unless you are just blessed with an incredible metabolism. Chances are though at some point if you want to lose some weight you will have to go on a diet and work out. There are many diets out there that do not promote exercise very much and emphasize eating certain things. These types of diets seem very appealing because they do not require that much work, aside from cutting back on foods. While some of these styles of diets work many out there are just scams.

Some of these types of diets are obvious that they will not work, but some can seem legit just because it monitors your diet so much. This article discusses four diets that came out that many people fell for. The number one scam on that list was the Dukan Diet. Don’t be confused it is not the Dunk’n diet. Still it might have well been because it did not work, and if you thought you were seeing results it was due to a loss in water weight. While that still will slimier face a little bit it is just deceptive, because you truly are not losing any weight. Along with not losing weight you are also just wasting your time/energy on something that will not show results. Another type of diet on that list is far worse for people  than that. It was called the HCG diet. This diet involved eating only 500-800 calories a day (way less than the healthy amount), and taking a hormone known as HCG (a hormone women create when pregnant). Just by the sound of what it involves should turn people away, but people can be desperate to lose weight sometimes.

There are many other types of diets that fool people as well. Gluten free diet is one of those things that will probably not work for people. Many people have to eat gluten free do to allergies, but if your not allergic that diet is not going to work very well. Replacement shakes are another big one, they will work to help you start to lose weight but you need to learn how to eat healthy. These supplement shakes aren’t a long term solution, at some point you will need to turn back to real food. Then you need to learn healthy eating habits.

People are fooled by false diets all the time don;t be one of those unfortunate people. What you need to do is really just eat healthy, and stay active. This can be done in many ways. Mainly just try to not eat out, and cook healthy foods at your home throughout the week. Another big part is exercise, you can’t really expect to lose weight  just by eating right it takes more than that. You need proper and regular exercise in order to lose weight.


So the next time you see an ad for a miracle cure to lose weight. Just think to yourself it is probably to good to be true, and the best and healthiest way to lose weight is the old fashion way.


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