Avoiding Fake Concert Tickets

Everybody loves going to a live show, but nobody likes getting scammed by fake tickets. When buying tickets off of anyone, or any website where the tickets don’t come from the venue you always need to be cautious. Especially if you are ever buying tickets off of a stranger. There are many websites that can be trusted.

Some trusted websites will get scammed as well. For instance one person I knew bought two tickets of of ticketmaster. Sadly the tickets ended up to be fake, and he did not figure that out until the day of the show. John Nistendirk had made the trip to the show, and once he was 4 hours from home at the venue he made the realization his tickets were fake. He immediately contacted ticketmaster, and because they care about their name and brand they quickly sent him new tickets. He was able to make it to the show with only a little inconvenience. The company even refunded him his money and he saw the show for free.

For the instance above is why I think it is smarter just to buy tickets from a trusted website instead of off a random person or a place like Craig’s List. That is because if you buy fakes off of some random person you will most likely never see your money again. If you get them off of a legit company you will at least get refunded, because they are concerned about their reputation.



This just goes to show, that sometimes you can buy something that looks incredibly real. That still doesn’t make it real. It is sad that people can fool so many people like this, but it just means you have to be as cautious as possible.

Scammers now a day even have a new and brilliant way to trick people with real tickets. What they do is legitimately buy tickets, and once they receive the tickets the cancel them. They get their money back for the ticket, then sell the ticket to some poor person who just wanted to see the show.

There are so many ways people can fool you with fake tickets. That is why it is always smarter just to buy the tickets directly from the venue you are trying to go and see. Or just buy them from a very trusted website.


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