About This Blog

This blog will be focussed on uncovering internet scams. I will be looking through the internet in an attempt to find and put out a fair warning about different scams on the internet. The types of scams can range from a wide variety of topics, it can have to do with anything from a health scam to an email scam where they are trying to get your personal information. All of these can be very dangerous and I will try to help you avoid these troublesome scams while online.

My name is Preston Lilly, I am a Senior at WVU and I am currently studying Public Relations with a minor in Communications. I am from Charleston West Virginia and have lived within the state for all of my life. I used to be a Marketing intern for a firm based out of Charleston called MCWV, and I did a lot of work with them over the summer.

To further contact me you can look me up on twitter @PrestonLilly1 or you can email me at pmlilly@mix.wvu.edu