Health Scams

There are countless ways that scamsters can take advantage of you while you are navigating the web, but now you even have to worry about being scammed while researching/ trying to buy medicine or even just going to the doctor. It is ridiculous that people are taken advantage of in this way, but it is the sad truth. There are many different ways a person can be conned while trying to do health related searches online. It is terrible and these scams are not limited to selling a drug with false advertised help that really doesn’t do anything. These con artists can of course sell fake drugs that do nothing, but they can also steal your bank information while selling you something, and maybe even steal your identity using your medical records. For those reasons you have to be skeptical of medical offerers while you are online, weather in be something that will allow you to grow hair again or even something like blood pressure medicine.

Not all health scams are limited to the internet though, so of them can happen just when you go in for a visit with your doctor. I am not saying not to trust your doctor I am just saying that it is still a possibility. These scams don’t come straight at your pocket necessarily, but they do go after your insurance. This can be done in several ways your doctor could require unnecessary testing to be done, or even bill a person’s insurance for treatment that was never done. The list goes on and on but this just goes to show you can’t really trust anyone, and you should always get recipes especially for medical situations.

pill-bottle.jpgWhen thinking about these health scams the financial part is not even the big issue. The worst part of these scams is the health threat behind it. There are so many things that can go wrong if a person goes off his/her medication and even worse things can happen if you are to take the wrong medicie all together. Also you have no idea weather or not you can trust a website to actually send you the pills, or that if they arrive they aren’t a completely different drug. There are several things that you can do to make sure that when ordering online drugs you can trust the source, but it is not always so simple sometimes a con artist can pull one over on you. If you are going to order perspiration drugs online you need to be cautious at least. The big things you should do is try to order from somewhere in the U.S. and is licensed by the state. You should also try to avoid any cite that does not give contact information, and try to sell pills without giving an exact quantity of how many you will receive.

All in all this is a terrible type of scam but can happen all the time. People try to use these types of cites to save money but end up getting scammed and then loosing money because they either don’t get the drug or once it finally shows up it isn’t the right thing, and you just have to go buy the real prescription. Sadly this is the way things are, but honestly people should just get drugs through their doctor so they can be sure they are getting what they need when they need it.